Somerville Speakup Line:Contractors Hired To Do New Sidewalks on Medford Street Real Sloppy, No Show and Not Done

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Sidewalks in front of our homes on Medford Street were supposed to be finished by August 16th and as you can see on the signs the dates still reflect the 16th and today is the 21st.

There have been days in a row that these contractors have not even shown up to work to finish what they started. They leave our lives here on hold, making us living our lives around their mess. These contractors have no pride in their work habits at all just leaving everything including barrels and lumber in the middle of the sidewalks as well as in our driveways and making our neighbors yards a very dangerous living environment. My next-door neighbor’s elderly mother already took a fall once this week tripping over wood beams that these contractors carelessly left on the sidewalk.

Please will somebody from the DPW help us get out of this mess and back to living our lives again in peace? Lack of supervision of these contractors is the main problem.

Medford Street Resident

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