Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line:You’re on a Hot Trail to a Major Bust

In an article that you recently wrote about 501 Mystic Valley Parkway regarding the proposed development and the cutting down of dozens and dozens of pine trees only a day before the Somerville tree ordinance came out that would’ve prevented the tree massacre.

But in fact to my knowledge, the bigger picture here is that owners of the property were forced not to except a higher offer of $6.5 million, but in-fact to except an offer that was $1 million lower because of a threat that was made coming from the mayor that if they didn’t accept the deal, the project would die in its own tracks and the new owners would not be allowed to go forward with any project there at all and never let them build there.

One of the strongarm factors in this case is that the director of Somerville Housing Authority, a very close ally of the mayor who is a major surrounding abutter to the property on two different properties. The property owners and their agents were being told that this abutter was going to interfere and oppose any and all developments and not allow any construction on the property whatsoever if you didn’t comply with the mayors deal. Absolute major corruption, extortion and strong-arming at its best.

Something more interesting the US attorney should follow the paper trail on who the real beneficiaries and owners of the property would be if the owners accept that deal. Just check out and see who made the $1 million dollar less of an offer and who the agents were? Yes get them under oath because believe me they won’t lie, they will actually shit themselves.

You will be amazed when you find out who the partners are as well as who all the major players involved are including the former Alderman/attorney and the guy in the corner office who’s at the controls.

I know that you are getting hit with all kinds of crazy threats here and even monitory threats from the mayor pressuring sponsors and his aiding and abetting co-conspirators of department heads withholding legal ads on every border that their hitting and trying to pressure you with, but keep up the good work Billy because this is only the tip of the iceberg so far and your bloodhounds are on the hot trail here.

2 thoughts on “Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line:You’re on a Hot Trail to a Major Bust”

  1. Not to worry. They will hold a meeting about it and try to make you think you have input on this.

  2. The real question is where is the support from the elected officials? The Ward 7 Councilor and the remaining tree hugging bullshit artists.

    Another helpless group of abutters who oppose being over developed by a well connected group of developers who hide the themselves through LLCs and continue to destroy neighborhood by neighborhood.

    Lets see some of our elected officials start fighting for what is most important density, over development and abuse of power.

    I guess our neighborhood will not see any candidates door knocking looking for votes in the Irvington Road area this fall.

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