Somerville Overcoming Addiction Updates

By JoAnn Bocca Rivieccio

Friday morning, August 2nd we stood outside the Suffolk County Superior Courthouse again! Amazing how this family and execs of the pharmaceutical companies will not stop in order to have all charges dismissed. They will find any and all excuses for the part they played in this epidemic.

A tribe of lawyers walked by over 300 pictures of our lost loved ones to represent billionaires that knew the outcome of a drug they flooded the market with, MONEY being their goal not saving life’s … As far back as I can remember this drug was made for the suppose of helping the terminally ill in comforting them before end of life…

I have complete confidence in the court system thank you Judge Sanders, Attorney General Maura Healey and her legal team and All my friends who showed up yesterday from all over the country

For the first time in a very long time in my journey since 2015 ,the press were present Time Magazine , and many other news media companies.
Over 400,000 have died, Almost a whole generation of young adults wiped out WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP, OUR CHILDREN WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!!

Special thanks to Ryan Hampton for flying in from California, Team Sharing Ma , NH and other states represented , the Opioid Spoon project , SOA, MOAR, Today I Matter for all the lovely Photos of Our Lost Love Ones, and many other organizations We will find justice.

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