Somerville Overcoming Addiction Weekly Updates

By JoAnn Bocca-Rivieccio

I am writing in hopes of explaining why a safe injection site is a very good idea… Not all of you know how it feels to lose a child or children to addiction … Take the most precious person you love and watch them die a little every day. No matter what you try to do, you can’t stop what is happening to them. You cry and think if I could change places with them, I would in a heartbeat. Addiction tears the family apart, it’s so hard to watch your loved ones disintegrate right in front of eyes. The pain so unbearable, we somehow find the strength to stick by them is hopes they will be able to stop. We are there knowing how painful every day is, they live a very painful lives having to feed their addiction. If they don’t feed the beast they suffer an unbelievable withdrawal. They have their own stigma to deal with , that’s why so many use alone and die.
At a safe injection center, trained people are there watching over them. The plus side these trained people are qualified and willing to help the person using find services when they are ready. To detox and achieve a successful recovery.
Nonjudgmental and very successfully in Canada.
If we were allowed to have one, maybe just maybe the person using wouldn’t be using in public bathroom. The possibility of finding fewer needles in the neighborhood parks or streets. Less ambulances, police and fire department visits that costs the taxpayers monies. Less people losing a loved one, less children losing a parent or parents. Less Narcan being used . I hope I give you a different look at one of life’s dilemma’s.
Input is necessary, what are your thoughts ?

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