Somerville Overcoming Addiction Updates

By JoAnn Bocca- Rivieccio

Friday ,April 12th at noon.
MA Team Sharing a group with over 500 members in Massachusetts organized by and for Parents of lost children due to overdoses.
Rallied in front of Harvard University’s Sackler Museum in Cambridge .
Along with Team Sharing , the following organizations joined the cause. The Opioid Spoon Project , the FEDUP Rally , The Voices Project , TriCircle Inc, Recovery NOW and Ryan Hampton.
We the parents sent letters and pictures of our children lost to this pandemic, to the president of Harvard University. We requested the removal of the SACKLER name from its building.
A quick response for all our efforts was a definite “ NO”.
OVER 400,000 thousand have died , 200 die everyday . We need action right away from every direction to stop the insanity .
We need The FDA to stop approving opioids period. There are other pain killers that are not opioids . The FDA should be told by the powers that be , our government to step in and remove them from the market.
the Doctors we trust and believe in, to not prescribe them .
Please always question your Physician as to what you are being prescribed , your life may depend on it !!!
All of our loved ones lost to the opioid crisis where prescribed oxycontin by physicians. Or were given the drug recreationally from others . No matter how they obtained opioids , they were not aware of what would happen to them in the end.
They are gone and will never be able to achieve their futures.
The lives that they dreamed of obtaining , the families they were preparing for.
We will never be able to hug or kiss them and tell them just how much we love them face to face.
We will never ever forget our children. We will not let anyone else forget what they created for the love of money .
The Sackler’s knew back over a decade ago that any opioid they introduced to the market was definitely addictive . They continued to market anyway , they made Billions a year.
Lets all rally together and make it known to the world our children and others were innocent.
That their lives mattered, all 22,000,000 still using Matter too. The victims of the SACKLER family, Prudue and Pharma etc. are our Brothers, Sisters, Daughters , Sons, Mothers, Fathers ,Aunts, Uncles, Loved Ones, Partners . If I left out anyone please forgive me !!!
Over 80% of the country is affected by Addiction an unbelievable number right. That being said , recovery is possible. The Sacklers should pay for treatment , right !!!
Please reframe from using the words loser, junkies , low lives we have heard them all .
Together lets get rid of the term Stigma and save lives. Persons of addiction have their own stigma, they do not need ours. They need help and we all can provide some way of helping them. The first step is to let them know you love them, hug them , section them if needed . But let them know they matter .
If you wait to long, You chance losing them to an overdose.
Don’t be like many that have said or thought “ WHAT IF” !
It will be to late , they will be gone and just a memory.
The SOA show will be showing reruns for the next three weeks and will resume in May …. Thank you for reading this article and watching the show .

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