Real Life Somerville Police Stories: David PLEITEZ (PWID B, PWID D, Distribute D) & Jason ESCOBAR (SPD Warrant)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #19018275:

On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, I, Detective Goncalves, was working in the Somerville Police Drug Unit as Delta-20. At approximately 5:00 p.m., I observed Mr. Jason Escobar operating a Gray BMW bearing Massachusetts registration xxxxx traveling West on Broadway. Mr. Escobar is well known to the Drug Unit for the distribution of narcotics and currently has an open case for two firearm charges. I was also aware that Mr. Escobar had an active warrant for his arrest.

I advised other Narcotics Detectives of my observation and we began a rolling surveillance of Mr. Escobar. We observed his vehicle turning into the Stop & Shop located at 779 McGrath Highway. The vehicle then proceeded to take up a parking spot in the Stop & Shop parking lot in the area closest to the Blakeley Avenue exit.

Detectives Cicerone, Costa and Legros could see the driver of the vehicle, Mr. Escobar as well as his passenger, Mr. David Pleitez. Detectives observed both parties continuously moving around in the vehicle. At this time a green Honda Accord bearing Massachusetts registration xxxxx was observed pulling into the lot and stopping directly in front of the BMW. The driver of this vehicle was later identified as XXXX. Mr. Jason Escobar and Mr. Pleitez exited the BMW and entered into the Honda Accord.

The Honda Accord proceeded to exit the parking lot and began to travel East on Broadway. Detectives then observed the vehicle stop in the area of 1X Oliver St. Mr. Pleitez exited the back seat of the vehicle and proceeded to walk towards a parked van bearing Massachusetts Commercial plate xxxxx. Detective Cicerone observed a male later identified as XXXX exit the van and meet up with Mr. Pleitez. Detective Cicerone observed what he believed to be a hand to hand street level drug transaction between XXXX and Mr. Pleitez. XXXX then returned to the parked van and entered the passenger seat while Mr. Pleitez returned to the Honda. At this time both vehicles began to travel down Oliver St. towards Glen St.

Detective Cicerone and I stopped the white van in the area of Glen St. and Flint St. The driver was identified as XXXX and the passenger as XXXX. I immediately observed in XXXX’s hands a green grinder used to grind up marijuana. I then began to have a conversation with XXXX in his native language of Portuguese. I asked him where he was coming from and he stated he had just met with a friend down the street and that the friend had “gifted him some marijuana.” I asked XXXX if he was lying, to which XXXX stated in Portuguese “don’t lie, just tell her you paid $20 dollars for it.” XXXX then looked at me and said “yes, I paid twenty dollars.” I asked XXXX how he knew the individual who sold him the marijuana to which he replied that he did not know him very well and received his cell phone number from another friend. He referred to him as the “XXXX” which means XXXX in Portuguese. I advised XXXX that I would be confiscating the marijuana and told him he was free to leave.

At the same time, Detectives Legros and Costa as well as Sgt. Detective Capasso conducted a motor vehicle stop of the Honda Accord in the area of 75 Pearl St. As Sgt. Capasso approached the vehicle he observed Mr. Pleitez in the back seat attempting to stuff something down the left hand side of his pants. Detectives then removed all parties from the vehicle, XXXX (driver), Jason Escobar (passenger) and David Pleitez (back seat passenger, driver’s side).

Detective Costa observed a blue jacket in the back seat and asked who it belonged to, to which Mr. Pleitez replied that it was his. In the jacket’s center pocket, Detective Costa found a clear sandwich bag with approximately 22 grams of Marijuana.

Detective Cicerone and I then arrived on scene. Detective Cicerone read Mr. Pleitez his Miranda Warnings from a card he keeps on his person. Mr. Pleitez stated he understood his rights. Detective Cicerone then asked Mr. Pleitez if whatever he stuffed down his pants was still there, to which he replied that it fell down and was probably in his pant leg somewhere. He then shook his pant leg and a small clear baggie filled with a white rocky substance believed to be crack cocaine fell out on to the sidewalk.

Mr. Pleitez was placed under arrest for the violation of Possession to Distribute Class B Drug, Possession to Distribute Class D Drug and Distribution Class D Drug.

Mr. Jason Escobar was placed under arrest for his default arrest warrant. His vehicle, Massachusetts registration, xxxx, was towed by Pats Towing and placed in the garage of the Somerville Police Department. He later provided written consent to Detective Cicerone and Sgt. Capasso to search his vehicle. A scale was confiscated from the glove compartment and placed into evidence. A copy of the consent to search form will be attached to this report.

XXXX was free to leave, but his vehicle was towed from the scene by Pat’s Towing, due to the fact that he had an expired license. He took all personal belongings with him.

All items seized/confiscated were placed into evidence. Please see Detective Legros’ supplemental report.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Cassandra Goncalves, #314

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