Somerville Overcoming Addiction Update: Wonderful interview with Matthew Mitchell from Somerville Cares About Prevention

By Joann Bocca- Rivieccio

I feel that more communication is needed for everyone to know what’s available to them in the city . Matt informed me that he and Sara Harris have been training small business owners how to use Narcan. Glad to hear it, congrats to a job well done. We discussed having training for parents and loved ones wanting to carry Narcan to save lives. I will let you know when a date and time has been selected. I feel in my opinion, that We are somewhat reducing stigma.

Please know that you can go to the courts or the police department, you don’t have to be in trouble to receive help. Ask for their assistance in finding the best options available when it comes to addiction. as a parent, love one or if you are the person needing assistance, these are options other than the Hospital or Doctors office.

Section 35, is an option as well. If you are in fear of your life or wellbeing or a family members wellbeing, fill out a request there are clinicians available to talk to before seeing the judge.

Just Know Families are like old quilts ….Although they tend to unravel at times each can be stitched back together with LOVE. Addiction is a horrible disease that spilt up families. The person that is using most of time, I believe is not happy with the decision that was made in the first place. Whether they were prescribed the medication or tried opioids when peers offered opioids to them

Please don’t hesitate a loved ones life may depend on it … Death is forever !!!

Others services available can be found under MOAR there’s a download for a mini guide 43 pages of all the resources in every category whether you are looking for a detox or a sober house they are all listed here. I only wished I knew about these options when my Family needed services.

I would like to invite anyone interested in info about what is going on as far aa the lawsuits and removal of the names of persons responsible for this addiction … April 12th there will be a March to the Arthur M Sackler Museum (Harvard University), 485 Broadway, Cambridge, 12 noon. Recently letters were sent to President Bacow from thousands of parents of lost children with their pictures attached. A email with his response and his answer was NO. Although We weren’t surprised by his reply, we believe it to be totally unacceptable As an nonprofit, these museums and institutions need to think one thing. Does the money donated from the sacker family align with their mission ? It is not uncommon for donations returned and names taken off of buildings or institutions.

It has been done before. So think about join us on April 12th at noon.

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