Somerville News Weekly’s Special Person of the Week Dr. Mouhab Z. Rizkallah

Meet Dr. Mouhab Z. Rizkallah DDS MSD PC

Dr. Rizkallah of the Braces Place that’s located on College Avenue in Somerville is one of our city’s most generous and brilliant unsung hero’s of our time.

When not treating patients in his office, Dr. Rizkallah is constantly out there fighting for the people of Somerville and helping charities around the city.

Dr. Rizkallah is a major advocate of helping the people of Somerville to fight and protect their property rights to make sure that government doesn’t take advantage of them.

He continuously fights for the people and pushes back using his brilliant knowledge and interpretations against unfair local government laws and taking on governmental bureaucracy that would ultimately affect many lives here in the city.

Dr Rizkallah also gets involved in just about every major charitable organization across the city and voluntarily helps out people in need with his good nature and his big heart of gold.

The Somerville Orthodontist Dr. Mouhab Z. Rizkallah recently made a rather sizable contribution with a check presentation of a generous $10,000 donation to the local charity “Toys for Local Children” (TLC) to make sure that many children as possible will wake up with Christmas gifts under their trees.

Dr. Rizkallah is a certified orthodontist. He is a member of the World Federation of Orthodontics. Further, he is the national consultant for the Orthodontics Directory and the National Dental Health Directory. He also serves as an expert lecturer and orthodontic examiner in multiple forums.

Over his career, Dr Rizkallah has accumulated numerous degrees, honors, and accollades in various arenas. In addition to attaining valedictorian status in multiple professional programs, Dr. Rizkallah has held many leadership positions in the dental field. He is considered among his compatriots to be a leader in modern dental and orthodontic treatment. His treatment time efficiency along with his invisible and affordable treatment options have broadened the population of candidates now desiring tooth movement.
Dr Rizkallah attended formal residency training in orthodontics at Boston University, and possesses a Masters degree in Orthodontic Biomaterials. His particular orthodontic research focus has been on improving invisible braces and the development of plastics designed for the purpose of providing invisible tooth movement.
Dr. Rizkallah applies his research knowledge daily in his orthodontic treatment, by providing “simple aligners” to patients desiring improved tooth position in an invisible/ affordable fashion. Many of his “simple aligner” patients have never had orthodontic treatment because of an aversion to “braces.” Dr. Rizkallah’s “simple aligners” allow these individuals to receive the results they have wanted in a fashion that fits their social needs.

In Dr Rizkallah’s own words he stated regarding a charitable fundraiser for TLC where the community and elected officials came together in unity to support the cause “It is nice to balance the battles I fight in the public arena with good deeds visible to the public (people don’t really know what drives me)…….the optics improve when people understand one’s motivations are for good.”

We here at the Somerville News Weekly salute you for everything that you do to make Somerville a better place.


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  1. I can’t agree more . He is the best . I know him as my Orthodentist but i can tell he is a good person . He cares and he likes perfection in his work .

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