Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Kerby CETOUTE (Unlicensed Op of MV, Giving False Name to PO, Fail to Stop for PO, Resisting Arrest…. & Melrose Warrant)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.

On Tuesday, November 20, 2018, I, Officer David Ruf, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser Sector-East, for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 1:18 A.M., while monitoring the traffic flow on Rt 28 at Puritan Road, a public way in the city of Somerville, I observed a gray Ford bearing Massachusetts registration xxxx traveling at 51 mph in a 35 mph zone.

I activated my emergency equipment and stopped the vehicle near the intersection of Rt 28 and Governor Winthrop Rd. I approached the operator and sole occupant of the vehicle, later identified as Kerby Cetoute, and advised him the reason for the stop. He explained that he didn’t think he was speeding and that he was only going to drop off money at his grandma’s. I asked Kerby where she lived and he couldn’t tell me, just kept pointing in the direction of Foss Park. He finally stated she lived off of Broadway somewhere, but couldn’t tell me a number. Kerby stated he did not have his license on him and initially gave me the name of XXXX d.o.b xxxx, which I had him write on my note pad. He provided me with the registration to the vehicle; it was registered to XXXX. It should be noted that XXXX was formally XXXX of XXXX that was known to rent vehicles to unlicensed operators that regularly conducted criminal activity. As I returned to my cruiser to run “XXXX”, the vehicle took off onto Governor Winthrop Rd and then to Bailey Rd at a high rate of speed. I radioed into dispatch what had occurred and I followed the vehicle keeping a safe distance and radioed the direction he was going to make responding units aware. Kerby took a left from Bailey Road onto Temple Road and ran the red light at Temple St and Mystic Ave, both public ways in the city of Somerville. Kerby then used his turn signal and made a left turn onto Jaques St and a right turn onto Grant St going the wrong way. He then used his turn signal again and made a left turn onto Broadway and at a high rate of speed, approximately 60-70 mph, went through a red light at Broadway and Mcgrath Highway. Due to a greater concern for public safety I kept more of a safe distance and only witnessed faint tail lights at one point when he was approaching Lower Broadway. Kerby then made a right turn onto Mt Vernon St using his turn signal and then made a right turn onto Pearl St. At an extreme disregard for his safety, Kerby failed to stop at a stop sign (Pearl St and Glenn St) and two red lights (Pearl St and Cross St / Pearl St and McGrath Hwy) almost striking a cruiser at McGrath Hwy. Lt. deOliveira radioed to units following Kerby cease following him and all emergency equipment was turned off. The last observations of Kerby was him making a left turn onto Jasper St, a right onto Gilman St and then a left onto Walnut St going the wrong way up the street crossing Highland Ave until Sergeant Slattery lost sight of him.

At approximately 1:32 A.M., Officer O’Donnell, while conducting a search of the area Kerby was last seen in, observed the gray Ford, matching the vehicle that fled, parked on the corner of Prospect Hill Ave and Munroe St. Please see Officer O’Donnell’s supplement report for further details. Upon arrival I observed the driver of the vehicle that took off on me to be Kerby. I queried his name via the CJISWEB application and returned that he did not have a license. It also returned that he had an active warrant (Docket # 1750CR001689) out of Malden District Court.

At this time Kerby was placed under arrest and issued Mass uniform citation’s T1313908 and T1313909 for the following;

M.G.L c89 / §9 Fail to stop, red light
M.G.L c90 / §10 Unlicensed Operation of MV
M.G.L c90 / §17 Speeding
M.G.L c90 / §24 Reckless operation of MV
M.G.L c90 / §25 Fail to stop for Police
M.G.L c90 / §25 Giving a false name to a Police officer
M.G.L c268 / §32B Resisting Arrest

Kerby was transported by Unit #200 (Officer S. Costa) to Somerville Police Headquarters where he was booked by Lt. deOliveira. The vehicle was towed by Pat’s Towing.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer David Ruf #334
Somerville Police Department

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