By Bob Katzen

“Each day, millions of Americans, and millions of our children, get on diesel-powered buses that emit toxic fumes that make them sick,” said Brendan Mahoney, policy fellow with MASSPIRG Education Fund. “But we have a better option: the zero-tailpipe emission, all-electric bus. We all deserve cleaner air.”

With those words, a new report from the MASSPIRG Education Fund and Environment Massachusetts Research and Policy Center was unveiled stating simply that electric buses are much cleaner and healthier than diesel buses and the conversion is much more affordable than many transit agencies and school districts think.

The report notes that while electric buses cost more than diesel ones, the lifetime cost of maintaining an electric vehicle is much less than maintenance of a diesel one and over the lifetime of the vehicle, the electric one will cost less.

A copy of the report can be found at https://masspirg.org/reports/map/paying-electric-buses

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