Somerville Speakup Line:Problem With Neighbors

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

I had the police at my home today. My neighbor who assaulted me back in June rented the house out to a Mother and twins as well as another mother with one child.

Ok, so the story went on for a week with noise all day and all night After 10:00pm going on 11:00pm. I called the police and when they came, it was quiet.

I spoke to the new neighbor today, she was very nice and said they had twins. She could not speak English whatever so I was Ok with that. Tonight I had this woman knock at my gate in the yard, I asked who she was but she would not say.

I said I will be with you in a minute after cleaning our pool out. I went out front and she got right in my face, yelling, saying “You said this about your neighbor about her kids yelling and noise making after 10p:m?” Yes, I did then she started cussing and yelling. I told her that is the law in America and there is No noise tolerance after 10pm, not saying children, saying hammering on walls and refurbishing an apt.

Then she called me a RACIST. I told her to get off of my property several times as well as my son. She would not move. She said she can stay wherever she wants.

I went in the house to get away from her as she was a crazy woman.

My son called the Police. I went outside with him. She said “Your White Breath could not do anything to my Black Breath!” Then I kept saying get off my property, but she would not move.

I find out when the Police came that she works for DSS. She is a case worker for this new tenant that resides beside me.

God give me strength. The new neighbors said to the officers that “They were fine with me as their neighbor.” “It was this ignorant, rude, and obnoxious woman working for our DSS system!”

Not happening in my lifetime,


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