Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Thomas AMADO (Shoplifting, Larceny Under, Resisting Arrest, Possess E)

On September 21, 2018, at approximately 14:05 hours, I was contacted by Saks Loss Prevention Officer, XXXX, who requested assistance with a male who had just concealed items inside the store. I made my way to Saks, where I observed a male and female in the Men’s Shoe Department via surveillance camera. XXXX told me the male, later identified as Thomas AMADO, had removed sensors from a pair of True Religion jeans, and had concealed the jeans in his backpack. As we continued to watch surveillance footage, I observed AMADO remove additional sensors, stick them under a shoe display, and conceal two more pairs of jeans inside his backpack. The female did not conceal any items, but was standing over AMADO while he concealed items, acting as a lookout.

As the two attempted to leave the store with the unpaid merchandise, I gave them verbal commands to stop. The female turned her back towards me, and AMADO immediately took off running out of Saks and across the adjacent parking lot. I briefly pursued AMADO on foot, and was able to grab his backpack, causing him to trip and fall. I also tripped on the uneven grass, and he was able to get up and continue running across the parking lot. I returned to my cruiser, and caught up with AMADO in front of Lucky Strike Social, approximately two blocks from Saks. He looked directly at me multiple times, and continued to run in circles, evading arrest. Officer Soares arrived on scene, and chased AMADO to the rear of Lucky Strike Social, where he ran into the loading dock. Officer Soares was able to corner AMADO inside the loading dock, and gained control of AMADO when he tripped and fell from exhaustion. I arrived on scene, and observed Officer Soares holding AMADO in a wrist lock on the ground until backup arrived. I handcuffed AMADO (double-locked), and attempted to sit him up. He requested to lie back down as he stated he was exhausted from running. AMADO did not have any injuries from the arrest, but stated he did have old neck and back injuries that were aggravated from running and tripping. It should be noted that during the foot pursuit, Officer Soares tripped on a cement step inside the loading dock, causing him to fall and injure his left elbow. Partners Security Officers saw the incident unfold via surveillance camera and arrived on scene. Video surveillance from inside the loading dock, as well as from Saks, is available upon request.

A search of AMADO’s backpack revealed the three pairs of stolen jeans XXXX and I observed him conceal on camera in Saks, valued at $271.97, and an additional $157.91 worth of stolen clothing from Kmart. AMADO had no receipts on him, and told me he was stealing clothing because he is homeless and struggling. Also inside his backpack, I located a sandwich bag containing a leafy green substance, known to me as marijuana. As the amount was less than an ounce, I will be submitting the marijuana for destruction. Inside AMADO’s front pants pocket, I located a small tin containing 3.5 yellowish tablets marked “R039.” Based on my training and experience, I know these tablets to be Xanax, and AMADO also told me the tablet is Xanax, which he takes for anxiety. Inside the tin I also located a blue oval pill marked with “10” and “b972.” This pill was individually wrapped in the corner of a sandwich bag, commonly known as a “twist,” which is how narcotics are typically packaged and sold on the street. AMADO said he did not know what this pill was; however, database searches revealed this pill is Adderall. AMADO did not have any prescriptions for medication on his person or in his property, and I will be submitting all pills into evidence.

I placed AMADO under arrest for Resisting Arrest, Shoplifting by Asportation for the Kmart theft, Larceny under $1,200 for the Saks theft, Removal of a Theft Detection Device for the Saks sensors, and Possession of Class E for the Xanax and Adderall. He was transported to the station by Unit 200, and booked in the usual manner.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Reece


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