Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Brandon TRACY (Possess A, Possess B, Shoplifting & SPD, Andover Warrants)

On September 20, 2018, at approximately 17:15 hours, I was contacted by Kmart Loss Prevention, who sent me a surveillance photo of a suspect who had concealed clothing in a camera blind spot, and fled the store. Additional area loss prevention employees identified the male as Brandon TRACY, who has shoplifted from Assembly Row and been apprehended by Somerville Police on numerous occasions. At approximately 18:00 hours, employees from True Religion contacted me stating TRACY had just left their store with two empty shopping bags from Reebok and Adidas. Based on my training and experience, it is common practice for shoplifters to use empty shopping bags to conceal merchandise while stealing. True Religion employees also noted TRACY was now wearing a maroon t-shirt, which is of note as he was wearing a gray patterned t-shirt while in Kmart, and had stolen clothing from them.

As Officer Van Nostrand and I were searching the area for TRACY, I observed him inside Polo Ralph Lauren through the glass doors. We approached TRACY inside in the store, and I immediately observed the Adidas and Reebok bags that were seen empty in True Religion, were now full. TRACY told me a Polo sweatshirt was inside one of the bags, but he “was planning on leaving it in the store.” I opened the crinkled bag, and observed a Polo sweatshirt rolled up with tags still on it. Inside the other bag, I observed a brand new white tank top. I noted TRACY was wearing a brand new maroon t-shirt, which still had the fold marks in it from being folded in a store. When asked, TRACY told me the shirts were stolen from Kmart. The total value of the merchandise from Polo amounted to $165, and the total value of the merchandise stolen from Kmart amounted to $30.98 ($15.49 x2).

During a search incident to arrest, I located a hypodermic needle in TRACY’s left front pocket, and a crack pipe, and two small twists containing a tan powder and a white power in his right front pocket. Based on training and experience, narcotics are commonly packaged in the corners of plastic sandwich bags, commonly referred to as “twists.” TRACY told me the tan powder was heroin, and the white powder was crack-cocaine. In addition, I located a sharp plier-like device in his right front pocket. These types of tools are commonly known as theft detection removal devices, and are used by shoplifters to remove clothing sensors. In past dealings with TRACY, he has had similar tools on his person to assist with removing sensors.

A CJIS check revealed TRACY had three outstanding warrants (#WR5403917TC, #WR5324872TC, and WR5415316TC) for probation violations and shoplifting/narcotics offenses, as well as four open court cases with numerous charges. He was placed under arrest for Possession of Class A, Possession of Class B, and Shoplifting by Concealment. It should be noted TRACY could also be charged with Possession of a Theft Detection Removal Device, Trespassing (Kmart), and Shoplifting by Concealment (Kmart), but due to his cooperation he was spared these additional charges.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Reece


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