Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shawn SMITH (PWID B) Drugs

“Report entered by SPD Records Personnel based upon report by SHA (LC)”

While on routine patrol of the Mystic River housing development. I, SHA Investigator Sean Browne observed a dark colored sedan style motor vehicle run through an affixed clearly posted stop sign without stopping at the intersection of Memorial Road and Memorial Road.

I activated my emergency equipment (Blue lights and siren) and effected a motor vehicle stop of this vehicle at 20 River Road just a few feet away from the SHA owned and maintained children’s playground. I at this time radioed my location and reason for stop along with the vehicle registration of Ma. tag XXXX.

I immediately recognized the vehicle and reg. from an officer safety bulletin and GUN investigation from 2 days prior (investigation is on-going). I also observed that the vehicle was occupied 3xs and asked for dispatch to send back up (for officer safety).

Within moments SPD E-4 and SPD E-1 arrived along with my SHA Police partner.

Upon approaching the vehicle I observed all 3 occupants to be moving around. Both the driver and the rear seat passenger were moving side to side and the front seat passenger was moving forward and back.

I approached the driver’s side window while SPD Officer Collette (SPD E-1) approached the passenger’s side of the vehicle. I asked all occupants to please stop moving around and to keep their hands on their laps where I could see them for my safety.

I asked the driver, now known to me as XXXX in XXXX(address provided to me by operator-XXX) if he had his license and registration to which he complied and handed to me but he continued to move his right hand down to his right side.

Fearing for officer safety with the knowledge of the recent GUN call that he and this vehicle were involved in and his right hand moving around I asked him if he would speak to me at the rear of his vehicle to which he replied “sure officer Sean”.

As he exited the vehicle I observed a clear glassine baggy sitting in the cup holder where his right hand was moving towards moments earlier. The clear bag had what looked to be a green leafy substance in it but my concern at this time

was the existence of a possible weapon on him or in the vehicle at this time.

Mr. XXXX stepped to the rear of the vehicle to speak with me. I asked him if he had anything on his person that would hurt me or that he should not have and he replied “no ,you can check”. I gave him a pat frisk for weapons for which none were found.

I then said to him that in light of the situation that occurred here on Thursday involving him and his vehicle we were concerned that retribution was going to be sought and weapons might be used. I asked Mr. XXXX if there were any

weapons in the vehicle to which he replied ” I might have a pocket knife but that s it”. I asked if we could check and he stated “yeh go ahead there is nothing in the car”.

At this point we asked both of the other passengers to exit the vehicle because MrXXXX gave us CONSENT to check the vehicle for weapons. Both occupants now known to us as -back seat passenger (JUVENILE) and front seat passenger Shawn Smith DOB XXXX exited the vehicle and were asked to stand at the rear of the car.

SPD officer Collette E-1 began to check the driver’s side of the vehicle while I checked the passenger side where Mr. Shawn Smith was seated. I immediately observed the small clear baggy with the green leafy substance in the cup holder and placed that on the roof of the vehicle (it was a very small amount of personal use that we destroyed). Upon further investigation I searched the un locked glove box where passenger Smith was moving forward and back from and I discovered 3 individually packaged clear glassine baggies each with a white powdery substance inside of them.

I asked my partner to handcuff the driver who he was standing next to and I asked SPD E-4 officer Morera to handcuff Mr. Smith who he was standing next to.

I advised them that they were being arrested for the possession of Narcotics.

I heard the driver Mr. XXXX make a loud wining type of sound and he stomped his foot. I looked over at Mr. Smith and asked him whose Narcotics they were and he replied “they are mine officer Sean” I walked back to Mr. Smith who has always been polite to me in the past several years that I have known him and

I asked him “Shawn for my safety will you tell me if that is Coke or Fentanyl so I don’t get sick ” and Mr. Smith replied “its coke officer Sean”.

I thanked him for relieving me of my fear of it being Fentanyl. I advised Mr. Smith that he and I both know that he has been Trespassed from SHA property and he nodded in the affirmative to which I told him that I was not going to charge him for at this time.

Since Mr. Shawn Smith admitted to being the owner of the white powdery Narcotics to which he stated was Cocaine he was the only one that was arrested and charged. The operator of the vehicle Mr. XXXX was released from the his

handcuffs and advised that he would be receiving a Ma.Citation in the mail for the STOP SIGN VIOLATION and INSPECTION STICKER VIOLATION. He was also advised that he is now Trespassed from ALL SHA owned properties.

The JUVENILE was released and a call to his parents will be made to make them aware of his choice of associates. The location of this arrest was just several feet away from a children’s playground and less than 200 feet away from the entrance of the Healey Elementary School boundary. Mr. Shawn Smith was transported to the Somerville Police station by SPD Unit-200 where he was booked in the usual manner.

I met SPD Narcotics Detective Cicerone at the SPD Narcotics office where he assisted me with weighing the narcotics for me. All 3 baggies were weighed individually. 2 of them weighed 4grams each with the packaging and the 3rd weighed 2.5 grams with its packaging.

All 3 baggies were placed into 1 evidence bag and placed into SPD evidence locker #4 to be sent out to the State lab for testing.

Mr. Shawn Smith is being charged with the following;

1- 94c S32A Drug Possess to Distribute.

2- 94c S32J Drug Violation near School zone.

Respectfully submitted,

Sean Browne-Investigator

Somerville Housing Police

Badge # 919

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