Ward One Alderman Matt McLaughlin and School Committee Candidate Emily Ackman Lunch With Cobble Hill Elders That Are Ready To Get Out And Vote Tuesday

By Martin Polignone

This past Wednesday, Ward One Alderman Matt McLaughlin treated the residents of Cobble Hill elderly apartments to a Chinese luncheon that had all the fixings.

” Matt always returns our calls and gets things done ,” remarked more than one resident. Other residents suggested that Matt had much more integrity than a former long term Alderman that once had harsh words against Matt’s opponent, but just last week they showed up at Cobble Hill best of pals.

“Where too old to be fooled by their phoney tactics” remarked one long term resident. In a more positive light,everyone in attendance had good words and appreciation for all Matt has done since he was first elected.

Also visiting the elders was Ward One School Committee candidate Emily Ackman who got to meet everyone and hear their concerns and hopes for the future of the Somerville schools.

Emily and Mary Ann Smith talked in depth about the needs of children that are just beginning school as Ms. Smith has been a foster grandparent volunteer with first graders for over 20 years.

” We can’t wait till Tuesday and have both of you victorious” was among the well wishes by everyone in attendance.

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