Late Former Somerville Firefighter Candidate/Navy Veteran’s Mom Speaks Out Against Curtatone Administration

Hi Bill,

I wanted to clarify a few things per our conversation about my son and his father, a former city of Somerville vendor who was being extorted $10,000.00 by Stan Koty.

Stan Koty went to my husband’s family business that was located in Teele Sq. Somerville and specifically stated “the Mayor wants $10,000.00 to put your son on the Fire Department”. and that DPW Commissioner Stan Koty was acting on behalf of Mayor Joe Curtatone and that was made perfectly clear.

The Somerville Fire Department (SFD) applicants had to go to city hall to sign two lists, my son was told he only had to sign one list by the people in the office at city hall. That is how they duped him, this is how they were able to deliberately pass him over.

They later told him that he failed to sign both lists and would have to wait for the next round in the hiring process. Which would have been months or a year, I am sure this happened because his father didn’t pay the 10k.

My son was told by other applicants to the SFD that their father’s paid the $10,000.00. If you could get anyone of these other people to come forward and tell their story this would corroborate what has been going on with the pay to play scheme and extortion.

During the hiring process the person doing the back ground check on my son was Somerville Police Officer Alex Capibianco, the mayors cousin, who allegedly was fired at one point from the SPD for selling drugs in Somerville High School.

I spoke to Mayor Joe Curtatone on the phone for a half hour about my son applying for the SFD job and explaining why he was a good candidate and listed his integrity and military service. My son at the time was dating an employee from Somerville who worked at City Hall and brought lunch to the Mayor everyday. I am sure if you speak with her she can tell you a lot about the inner workings in that office.

I want to also clarify my sons military record and his service to this country. My father was a WWII veteran, he was the Commander of the American Legion in Mass. He did much to help veterans, going to Washington and fighting on their behalf and for Veterans rights.

My father helped pass the flag burning bill through the State House and was instrumental in starting the Veterans license plates program. The funds went to keep Veterans homes open, the Soldiers Field home in Chelsea and others around MA.

My son enlisted in the US Navy to follow in his grandfathers footsteps. Not only did my son serve four years in the US Navy honorably, he also trained with the Navy SEALS in San Diego CA. He chose to return home however to help run his fathers business and become a firefighter instead. While my son was in the process of applying to get on SFD, his sister Courtney was deployed in Afghanistan with the US Navy as a Navy Corp man (medic), my daughter Courtney did two tours of duty in Afghanistan, she volunteered to go back for her second tour. She was honorably discharged and is in college now. My family values service to country, integrity and putting others before self.

Through the stress of applying to the SFD my son developed a serious drug problem to numb himself. What started with pills quickly went to Heroin. He would purchase drugs from a known drug dealer in Somerville. It was this well known Somerville drug dealer who met my son and sold him a lethal dose of Heroin. It turns out that it was Fentynol laced Heroin that killed my son (from autopsy reports). The known drug dealer was sent to jail, the police arrested him 2 weeks after my son died.

I talked to the District Attorney Marion Ryan, they could not charge the drug dealer with murder or invouluntary manslaughter because of insufficient evidence but they did arrrest him on other drug charges. Perhaps only this drug dealer knows why my son got a lethal dose of Heroin and no one else in the city did. this drug dealer knows if it was an “accident” or if it was meant to make a problem go away deliberately.

After my son died Officer Alex Capibianco friend requested me on facebook. I don’t know this man and never spoke to him it made me wonder why he would want to troll my FB page. There were many strange things that happened surrounding my sons death.

Thank you for your time Bill, my heart is broken over the senseless death of my only son, a man who had so much promise. Evidently its business as usual at the end of the day. Please keep our last name confidential for now, I do not want me or my family hurt by these dangerous people, but I plan on revealing my name shortly.

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  1. A special note to those that want to help, yet have fear of safety for their family and themselves. Your name can be concealed and shielded, and I will give you myself as the example. I started working with the FBI some 12 years ago and they shielded my name ever since. I choose to come out and support the media campaign to get these crooks thrown out of office,,while supporting the Feds to help get a Grand Jury Started. All names of folks that help the cause are known as CW (cooperating witness), and its safe in my opinion. The Feds want the same as you and I, to catch the bad guys and put them in prison. I have found them to be trustworthy, and understanding. The agents working on the case are dedicated professionals and yet ordinary people just like you and I. They know the corruption stories to be true, otherwise, why would the case still be open and very active, after 12 years that I know of. They do need your help, and can protect you, so I urge anyone that thinking about it, please call them,,,,,

  2. I want to come forward in the worst way, but I fear for my families safety and mine. I can tell you from personal experience that this Mayor and this administration is heavy-handed, evil, and hypocritical.

    If nothing else, I plan to bring in person some documents to the Somerville News Weekly that I saved over the years. I hope they help expose these vile people.

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