Heres Your Weekly Dosage of Somerville News Weeklys Newstalk Shoutout/Speakup Loud for Week of 9/5/2017

It looks like the mayor and the comnish are up to their dirty old tricks again steeling and dumping newspapers out of our news boxes again and dumping them in trash bins. So we will continue to keep pumping it out online as well as keep refilling our news boxes because we have a lot of ink for as long as it takes to “Drain the Swamp!”
Looks like the administration’s hired cowards in creeps are at it again online disguising themselves as different Facebook characters and even dumber to put it in the paper. Some people never learn they look like idiots. Just their continued collusion and acts of intimidation towards us with their Facebook is simply childish and shows their desperation and stupidity in their gossip column because they really do look like idiots. Jealous idiot but they probably don’t even realize that they are part of this investigation as well. 

And of course we know who they are and we’re just given them enough rope to hang themselves for when it’s all said and done. But on the other hand were glad to see they’re reading our publications and maybe they will learn a thing or two on how to run a paper after all! But we can assure you we will not back down and we will continue this fight until this mayor in this administration are elected out of office. The truth has finally been exposed and it’s up to you the people of Somerville to vote this mayor out and put in the new clean administration to do the right thing for the people of Somerville. 


And also it’s amazing how many trolls are out there posting on our news sites that are leading right back to the same person the mayor has hired to bash us every week   

You got to love all trails leading back to them and of course they are automatic deleted an banded from our sites with the simple push of a button. 


In these times, people need to come forward. There is nothing this mayor can do anymore to retaliate. With these allegations, the mayor and his administration are going to be so highly scrutinized we doubt very much that they wouldn’t dare do something stupid at this point and time. And if they tries, it just proves corruption. But then again, we are going to make sure that they don’t get an opportunity to strike again neither. With all the technology and news that is coming out, they don’t have the power they used to. It’s time this city comes together to do the right thing for its residents and “Drain the Swamp” in this election!

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