Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Kayla DAVIS (Receive Stolen MV)

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, at approximately 1:00 A.M., while parked near the intersection of Great River Rd., and Assembly Row, I observed a gray Kia Sportage bearing Massachusetts registration XXXXX pull out of a parking spot near 331 Great River Rd, and travel East towards Assembly Row. A male later identified as YYYYY was operating the vehicle and a female later identified as Kayla Davis was in the front passenger seat.


The vehicle stopped outside Earl’s Bar, located at 698 Assembly Row, a male later identified as ZZZZZ, entered the vehicle and sat in the rear passenger seat directly behind Davis, and a female later identified as AAAAA sat directly behind YYYYY. I queried the license plate as the vehicle drove away towards Artisan way, and the results showed that the vehicle was stolen. It was reported to the Boston Police Department (BPD) by EAN Holdings LLC (Enterprise rentals) and entered into CJIS by BPD (ORI/MA0130100).


I requested confirmation of the status of the vehicle from Somerville Police control and followed the vehicle as it turned left onto Grand Union Blvd., then entered the Kmart parking lot. While waiting for a response, the vehicle stopped in the middle of the parking lot, and YYYYY and AAAAA switched seats.


At this time, I received confirmation that the vehicle was stolen. I activated my lights and stopped the vehicle. Sergeant Rego and Officer Ruf responded as backup.


I approached the driver side of the vehicle and asked AAAAA to turn the engine off and hand me the key. I then asked AAAAA for her license and registration and she replied “I don’t know where the registration is.” AAAAA pointed at Davis and stated “She rented the car.”


I asked Davis if she has a rental agreement and she replied “A friend of mine rented it for me. “I asked Davis what was her friend’s name and she replied “CCCCC.” I asked her to provide her [friend’s] phone number and she replied “I don’t have it.”


I removed YYYYY, Davis, ZZZZZ, and AAAAA from the vehicle and placed them in handcuffs. I contacted Boston Police and spoke with Officer Michael McDonagh regarding the report they received from Enterprise. Officer McDonagh stated that “the person who rented the vehicle had left it running in the area of XX Everton Street in Dorchester, he entered a residence and when he came out, the vehicle was gone.”


At this time, I informed Davis that she was under arrest for receiving a stolen motor vehicle c.266 S28. She was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer McNally, and booked by Lieutenant DeOliveira.


Prior to placing Davis in the prisoner transport unit, she asked me if I could retrieve her backpack and a Primark shopping bag from the trunk of the vehicle. Davis was able to name the content of the bags without looking at them (women’s clothing inside the backpack and a pair of shoes inside the shopping bag). 


I removed the handcuffs off YYYYY, ZZZZZ, and AAAAA. I asked YYYYY why he was driving the vehicle when I first saw him on Great River Rd., and he stated that Davis picked him up from his house in Lynn and drove him to Somerville. Davis then asked YYYYY to drive because her license was suspended.


The vehicle was towed from the scene by Pat’s tow.




Respectfully submitted, 



Officer Samir Messaoudi #312

Somerville Police Dept.

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