Letter to the Editor:Mayor Curtatone is a Nasty Person, a Fraud and Cop Hater

Dear Billy T. at The Somerville News Weekly,

This mayor Curtatone is a nasty person. He claims not to treat people like dirt, but he does indeed treat people like dirt.

A retired Somerville Police Captain was critical of Curtatone on the internet because of the high turnover of Police Chiefs in Somerville after Curtatone removed the Chief of Police position from Civil Service(even though he was for Civil Service when he was an Alderman). Taking the Chief out of Civil Service gives the Mayor control of the Department.
Doesn’t treat people like dirt? He also mistreated a retired Fire Department employee who reported serious wrong doing that he endured. This happened before this firefighter retired. His own Union abandoned him. I could go on and on.
Curtatone is a power-hungry political hack. This is not the Somerville I grew up in, that’s for sure.
And why did Curtatone support those protesters who shut down the roads in protest? Why did he ask the Court to dismiss the charges? Because it’s good politics and gets him votes.
His shitbag cousin Police Somerville Police Officer Alex on paid leaves for 2 years. He was fired by Dot gay and because he is related to Joe he was reinstalled. Now paying with phoney money in Cambridge.

I neglected to mention how he mistreated the retired Police Captain. Retired police officers in Somerville are allowed to work paid police details, a nice lucrative position.
After Curtatone read this retiree’s post, he told the then Chief of Police, Chief Pasquriello, to have this retiree turn in his badge. He was told that this retiree, critical of the Mayor, was not to work anymore paid details.
Curtatone professes to want to hear everyone’s opinion? I don’t think so!
And ask Curtatone how he “treated George McClean, when he was Chief of Police.
Curtatone is a fraud. Payton Corbett for Mayor.

Speaking on my brothers and sisters in blue!

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  1. He has control of the SPD but he promoted a three time sexual harasser to Deputy chief. What a slap to the decent hard working women and men of the SPD.

  2. Dear anonymous, I am the retired Captain you speak of and I was told about your post and reference to me and I was just going to ignore it, but there are bigger issues here. Yes, I had disagreements with the Mayor, mostly involving politics and its’ influence in the SPD, but I always knew that he worked hard to make Somerville better and he knew that I did as well. I remember trying to make budgetary ends meet with Chief Bradley and Joe brought in Harvard University grad students to help and advise. Things got steadily better. This Mayor increased the budget for the Police Department and was an early supporter of Community Policing. His family is not unlike many in America today, including my own. The struggles of family members should be off limits. If you want to post against the Mayor or anyone else, please refer to your direct knowledge and not stories that you have heard. Your maligning of the Deputy is also way off the mark and motivated me to answer you – those of us with knowledge of these situations know that Chief Fallon is fortunate to have 2 of the most qualified members of the department to do those jobs – both are excellent picks on their own merit and are fully qualified to do the Chief’s job in his absence. Finally, I find it ironic that many of the rumor spreaders and haters are former supporters and even sycophants who just flew to close to the political fire and wound up getting burned. Base your voting decisions on accomplishments and yes, factor in methods, but remember that Mayoral politics has always been this way in Somerville and let those among us who have not played the game throw the first stone .

  3. Dear Mike D:

    Did Mayor Curtatone actually take you off of that special paid duty? You never denied it-I am just curious because I know City of Somerville employees who told me that he did this to you. They were angry and upset that a Sitting Mayor would punish a good cop like yourself for merely expressing an opinion protected by Free Speech in the Constitution.

    If your answer is yes, I have another question: Have you since then been allowed back on this special paid duty or whatever it is.

    1. They are telling the truth. Chief Pasquarello called me personally and we had a very frank and interesting discussion and he did rescind my status as a special police officer. I chose not to apply to be reinstated.

  4. Wow, Captain how easily we forget. You were treated horribly by the Mayor for expressing your opinions and standing up for two of your officers that the Mayor sent his lackeys to destroy so he could get his boys promoted. And that deputy chief you are defending would be a great fit if lying, pedophilia and horrific body odor are requirements for the job. I truly hope you are defending the Mayor because you need something from him because he truly doesn’t deserve you or your praise.

  5. No, Lisa – no forgetting here , ever. I can never forget what was done to people I care about for no good reason. It is why I left a job I loved. What I object to now and always is attacking someone or their family from behind the cloak of anonymity and repeating stories that are partly true in order to advance a personal agenda. This is the worst part of politics, no matter which side does it.

  6. Just proved my point about anonymity. I failed to put my name in the first line and it posted my comments anyway under ” anonymous “

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