Somerville Flag Day 2017 Celebration/Tour of Prospect Hill Tower Photos 

Photos by Frank Santangelo

By William Tauro 

This past Saturday morning, dozens of Somerville residents attended an event at Prospect Hill Tower, site of the first flag raising in 1776.   

The event was a Flag Day celebration/tour of Prospect Hill tower that was free and open to all. 

Attendees at the event got a opportunity to climb to the top of the Tower to enjoy the breathtaking view above Somerville.

The event also hosted special guest speaker Byron DeLear who contributed a Somerville story at the “Storytelling” booth. 
Byron DeLear lives in St. Louis, Missouri and is the editor-in-chief of NAVA News. His research into the lost history of the first flag of America — the Grand Union flag — has uncovered a moment in time during the Siege of Boston where the first documentary evidence of the name of our nation is intrinsically connected to the debut of the first flag of America at Prospect Hill. 
The crowd enjoyed music and a docent-guided tour and only of history was available at that many information tables as well as light refreshments for the whole family! 

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