Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Luis PENA (MV Infractions)

The following is a brief summary of the incident. It does not contain every minute detail of the incident. On June 6, 2017, while assigned to the SPD Narcotics Unit, operating an unmarked, undercover vehicle, in plain clothes, I was conducting an investigation/surveillance of the Summer St, Central St, and Benton Rd. area for possible narcotics activity. While conducting my surveillance I observed a gray Toyota operating northerly on Benton Rd. with a red “R” (Rejection) Inspection sticker affixed to the windshield. I observed a Mass Reg of XXXXX attached to the rear bumper. This vehicle is a 2000, gray, Toyota Avalon. The registered owner of this vehicle is Luis D. Pena of 136 Fuller St Dorchester, Ma. I followed the vehicle around the area and until I was able to secure a marked Police cruiser to initiate a traffic stop of the vehicle. This traffic stop occurred on Highland Ave. at Central St. I approached the operator (Defendant) and advised him to shut the vehicle off. He did so. I requested his license and registration. He provided me with his Mass driver’s license. I requested a RMV status check of the operator/defendant’s license. At this time, Somerville Control informed me that the operator/defendant’s license status was currently Suspended. Based upon that information, I informed the operator/defendant that I was placing him under arrest for the above stated offenses. Det. Cicerone assisted me in this investigation with his linguistics/translation skills.


        At this point, the defendant was placed into handcuffs and placed into the Prisoner Transport Vehicle, Wagon #200, which was operated by Off. Soares. He was transported to the Station, where he was booked and advised of his rights by Sgt. Isodoro. I also presented the operator/defendant with Massachusetts Uniform Citation # R8324391 for the above stated offenses. 



Respectfully submitted,



Off. James McNally #80

Somerville Police Dept.

Narcotics Unit

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