Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Davron DAVIS (Open Container, Interfere w. Police) & Steven HAUGHTON (Disorderly)

On the above date and time, Officer Joseph Teves and I, were dispatched to 3 Boston Street for two males consuming alcohol in public.


Upon my arrival, I observed one of the defendants, Davron Davis, attempt to hide a twenty four ounce can of Natty Daddy behind a stone retaining wall, which he had held in his hand consistent with someone consuming alcohol. Steven Haughton was also present with Davis when responding officers had arrived. Both Haughton and Davis were asked to leave the area three separate times by Officer Teves and I. Haughton became irate and belligerent. In a boisterous and hostile tone, Haughton began cursing obscenities at Officer Teves and I. There were residents that were peeking out their window, and a few people walking by focused their attention on the loud behavior. Because Haughton refused to leave the premises, he was placed under arrest for the above charges. While waiting for the prisoner transport vehicle Unit 200, Davis was asked to leave the area numerous times. Davis appeared to walk away, however, he would then return and interact with Haughton while approaching Officer Teves very closely. After a few failed attempts of ordering Davis away, he was then placed under arrest for the above charges.


Note: During my interaction with Haughton and Davis, I could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from Haughton and Davis’ breath. Haughton had also stated to me that they were collecting cans, which is contradicted by my initial observation upon arrival, and the partially consumed cold can of Natty Daddy. There were two empty and open twenty four ounce cans of Natty Daddy in a brown paper bag. A cold partially consumed twenty four ounce can of Natty Daddy was the can hidden behind the wall as responding officers arrived. A cold sealed twenty four ounce can of Natty Daddy was laying on the grass behind the retaining wall.



Respectfully submitted,




Officer Eduardo Soares

Badge #272


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