My Father’s War by Charley Valera

My Fathers War

Serving a purpose higher than themselves, we need to honor that.

– Steve Manchester

Gulf War Veteran and #1 bestselling author, The Rockin’ Chair

Fascinating and profoundly moving what these guys endured.

– Robert Salvatelli

Former City Councilor at City of Leominster Former Director of the Mass Academy at WPI at WPI/Mass Academy

The “war stories” are fascinating, the fears, vic tories are humbly recounted.

– Edward Littlejohn

Colonel, United States Army (Retired)

About Their War

How it changed their lives forever, and ours.

From small towns across the country, these young men gave up their early years, and some their lives, for the very freedom we take for granted today.
Before you is a testament by our fellow neighbors who gave so much, endured such incredulous conditions,. You’ll fight beside them and laugh at their stories and crazy antics


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