Senate Approves $400 Million For Local Roads and Bridges

 By Bob Katzen 

  Senate 37-0, approved a bill authorizing $400 million ($200 million per year for two years) in funding for the maintenance and repair of local roads and bridges in cities and towns across the state. The $400 million would be borrowed by the state through the sale of bonds. The bill differs from a version approved by the House. The main difference is that the House bill only provides $200 million for one year.
   Supporters said that the money will be delivered to communities early in the construction season and allow many vital municipal road projects to quickly move forward. They argued that this would help cities and towns keep their roads and bridges safe.
   A House-Senate conference committee was appointed to draft a new compromise version that is acceptable to both branches.


   (A “Yes” vote is for the $400 million.)

 Sen. Patricia Jehlen voted Yes                                     

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