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Did you miss me? I bet there’s a few people who didn’t…and I’m ok with that.


I don’t even know how many weeks it’s been, and after stating I needed to be more consistent with my writing here too. Well, here I am and honestly I was going to write about the debate between Trump and Clinton, but, I thought better of it. All I can say right here, right now, is that you need to be able to find some kind of sanity in the soup. Educate yourself, get to know the issues, understand the history of the two candidates and try to sift through the bullshit party line rhetoric, and make your own choice – don’t let anyone try to make that choice for you.


That’s one of the great things about this country – make your own decision and just do it – don’t let anyone try to bully you into thinking if you support one person over another that you’re a bad person, making a horrible choice. Fact is, neither of them is ideal, not by a long shot. Personally, I still like Trump – I don’t care if you do or your don’t – at the end of the day, that’s my decision, and if you think I am out on an island all by myself and nobody around you is going to be voting that way, well, then you’re oblivious to what is really going on.


In the beginning of all this, I wanted a candidate from either party who would not already be a career politician (but have some kind of experience in the arena) and who would preferably come from the business sector of life – a professional in some way that brings a homegrown, real world economics of trade sensibility (or at least come close). The bonus would be that whichever party was going to have this candidate, the other party would have an equally awful candidate and that potentially the two parties would need to really take a look at how they conduct themselves. Maybe even precipitate a real world review of the electoral process. Maybe that’s asking too much.


Well, I’ve almost gotten everything I wished for – both parties are in disarray – one candidate is a tried and true politician who has exposed the dark underbelly of their party – and the other has shown us just how desperate the other party is to stay relevant. Both have a lot of work to do post election.


I wish one didn’t have obvious health issues and mess around with her emails. And the other one? Well, I might like him still, but I am here to tell you – he should have somehow talked Condi Rice into running as VP and just shut his flipping mouth. It would have been so simple. But he didn’t and he’s almost his own worst enemy. Now it’s a race between two non-ideal candidates. Swell.


I don’t think anyone is going to be truly happy post election. Maybe the debate(s) will change people’s minds – but I suspect not so much. Therein lies the rub – if you can’t get past personal opinion, and make decisions based on informative and substantive conversations, then the battle is lost and the war rages on. At this point in the election it’s all about finger pointing and showcasing each others shortcomings – the very minute the two parties declared their candidates, a debate on nothing but issues and platforms should have happened – yeah, I just chuckled at that as I was typing it.


There’s so much that needs to change about the process, the parties, the media, the everything – it might be too late – this monster might be too big to put back in the bottle, reconfigure in every possible way for 2016 (not 1956) and then expect a Genie to appear. But hey, one can hope, right? #GMK


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