Somerville Prepares To Protect Its Citizens On Its Own Waterfront


Photos by William Tauro 

By William Tauro 

This past Friday morning, Lieutenant Robert Gillan, Commander of the Homeland Security Unit for the Quincy Police Department, along with Quincy Police Officer Robert Bell assisted Somerville Police Chief David Fallon, Deputy Chief Paul Trant and Director of Communications Denise Taylor for Mayor Curtatone on a tour and test ride of the Mystic River and the inner Boston Harbor on board QuIncy Police Department’s 34′ Safe Boat. 

Lieutenant Gillan’s extensive maritime expertise provided the proper platform as the City of Somerville evaluates and prepares for future development.

Now that Somerville is utilizing it’s waterfront with the new assembly Row development, a Somerville Police Marine Unit boat patrolling the waterfront will be necessary to protect the citizens of Somerville as well as save lives. 

With attractions like Legoland, the new AMC Cinema as well as a multitude of new business and residencies including a children’s playground only feet away from the shoreline, police presence on the waterfront will become necessary in the event of emergencies to prevent drowning and save lives. 

This spring, a new Somerville Police boat is expected to be arriving and will be docked free of charge courtesy of the Winter Hill Yacht Club on Foley Street in Somerville next to the newly opened Somerville Police substation that’s located at Assembly Row.   

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