How Many LEGO Would It Take to Build These Sci-Fi Megastructures?

Have you ever wanted to create your own universe? Build a scale model of the Batmobile or the Millennium Falcon? What if you wanted to drive your own time-travelling Delorean made entirely out of LEGO bricks? Or destroy planets from the command station of a life-size LEGO Death Star? Well, now you can! (So long as you have a couple million dollars saved up and access to the biggest LEGO store in the universe.)
We wondered just what it would take to build all of the coolest kit from our favourite Sci-Fi films so, we did just that. With a little help from a world renowned master builder, we figured out how many LEGO pieces it would take to build every sci-fi mega structure known to man.
If your readers embrace nerd-dom as much as we do, if they love Batman, Back to the Future and Star Wars, you’ll want to share this infographic with them! Check out what we made and let us know what you’d make:

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