The Franchise of YOU


By William S. Wooditch

You work for yourself. The more skills and talents you acquire, hone and refine – the more value you can create for yourself.
Even if you are in the employ of another, you are the CEO of “The Franchise of YOU!” Your franchise can be strengthened or fall into disrepair. It is up to you to build value and move your personal and business platform forward.
Your franchise is supported by four pillars: your mind, body, spirit and emotional field. These spheres of energy support the platform that determines the value, health, growth and stability of your franchise.    
For your franchise to succeed, you must adopt the mindset “if it is to be, it is up to me.” Find a way or make a way. Those determined to create the very best in their careers and lives know the price of success and are willing to pay the cost every day. When others find your offering to be of value, you begin to build a recession-proof franchise.
The franchise of you demands the willingness to learn the basics of your trade and master the skills and the fundamentals that separate those who attempt to survive from those who thrive. Your franchise demands that you do the work. You must do the work to achieve your future designation or paygrade. The quality of your work will become your signature style. Make disciplined habit one of your guidelines for success. Be resilient, be adaptable, be willing to risk intelligently and be ready to do those things that make a difference for people. 
You are in business for yourself. You work for yourself. Think about it. There is no way around or out of this arrangement. You work for your freedom, your security, or your illusion of your security, your necessities, your luxuries, and all that which emanates from the “Franchise of YOU!”
Employers cannot guarantee lifetime employment. Your willingness and ability to learn and apply the lesson for positive effect will help you grow personally and achieve professionally. Remain aware and maintain a constant dedication for improvement. If the results match your effort, someone, somewhere will find you employable.
Or, if you feel the call of the entrepreneur, you can work for yourself. You can become recession proof. You can also remain at the whim and caprice of others or the market. Choose to become an indispensable gift. It is your gift to yourself. 
Your body must be able to cash the checks your mind writes. Realize that your work is your personal portrait. It is created from the canvas of every email you type, every letter you write, every conversation you have, every thought that crosses your mind and every action that emanates from that thought. Your work paints and frames you as not only a brand but as a singular corporation. 
It is your future; treat it with respect in the present.  
William S. Wooditch, author of “Always Forward! Discover the 7 Secrets of Sales Success” (, is founder and CEO of The Wooditch Group.

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