Representative Michael E. Capuano on Replacing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia


Some Senators are calling on President Obama to refrain from naming a candidate to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Why are they making this demand? Well, since the President ONLY has 10 months left in his four-year term, they believe this decision should be left to the next President. So with about 20% left in his term, President Obama should not exercise one of his most important constitutional responsibilities? 
Well, I have a proposal for those Senators who don’t think the President should do his job for the next 10 months. Every Senator who supports this approach should follow suit. They shouldn’t vote on important matters for the last 20% of their six-year terms – that would last for a little more than 14 months! No voting on war and peace, no voting on spending or taxes, no voting on any nominations for any position.
Of course, my proposal is not a serious one. Rather it highlights how ridiculous it is to demand that the President not fill this vacancy. As always, this is really about interfering with the mechanics of our government and silencing any opposition.
Either ALL officials are elected to serve during their full term or they are not – which is it?

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