Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Kenneth ALSTON (Larceny & six Warrants)Shoplifting at Assembly Row

On Tuesday, February 09, 2016 at 5:40 P.M., I was dispatched along with Officer Anderson to Pendleton, located at 520 Assembly Row, for a shoplifter.

Upon arrival, I met the reporting party, XXXXX (Store Manager), who informed me that she observed a black male wearing a trench coat conceal a pair of jeans in a large white shopping bag and exit the store without making any attempt to purchase the merchandise.


I located a man matching the description outside Assembly Square train station. Officer Diaz and Sergeant Fusco responded as backup. The man was identified as Kenneth Alston. I asked Mr. Alston to put his bag on the ground and observed several items of clothing on hangers with the price tags still attached. I asked Mr. Alston if he had receipts for the merchandise and he stated “No I don’t. My wife bought it.”


The bag contained five pairs of jeans, five T-Shirts, and two shirts from Pendleton (total value $484.88), and ten packs of men’s underwear from Adidas; each pack contained two pairs (total value $149.80). The items of clothing recovered from Mr. Alston’s bag were of different sizes (small, medium and large).


A query of Mr. Alston’s name and date of birth showed he had six outstanding warrants for his arrest.


I placed Mr. Alston under arrest for Larceny over $250, and receiving stolen property. He was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters by Officer Christopher Fusco, and booked by Lieutenant DiGregorio.


Respectfully submitted, 

Officer Samir Messaoudi


Somerville Police Dept.

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