By Chuckles Boss Clown



    On January 30, 2016 the Clowns will be hosting a recruiting tour of our Boston Hospital. Nobles, Blue lodge Brothers and their ladies are invited to meet at the Aleppo Temple 99 Fordham Rd Wilmington Massachusetts at 9:30 AM and board a shuttle to the Hospital.


    The Shrine Hospitals are the heart of our organization and will introduce you to the exciting world of Shriners. Upon arrival the Staff will guide us on a fantastic tour through the Hospital explaining all that is done to care for the Children. At the completion we will be taken to the dining room where you will be provided lunch and a question and answer period with Boss Clown and Membership Committee Nobles.


    Becoming a Shriner can be a life changing event. There are many functions, events, parades, parties and the opportunity to join some of the greatest marching units in the country. The shuttle will bring us back to the Temple and for those who would like; we will provide a tour of the Temple.


    Please come join us and enjoy a great day with your fellow Brothers, Nobles, and their Ladies. As space is limited please RSVP as soon as possible or as soon as possible.



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