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A closed minded person typically befriends another, and another, until suddenly, there’s a gaggle of idiots running loose in the world. Running loose in places like Somerville.


That’s an original James Norton quote – and it seems to fit in nicely with the ridiculously few people who took umbrage with my column last week. I can’t help it if out there in la-la land, where you currently reside, you were dropped on your head when you were young and can’t quite grasp the concept of how a newspaper works, more specifically, how an opinion column works. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain basic common sense to you. I suggest you work hard on not being exactly as narrow minded as the people you supposedly love to hate for that very reason.


I will, however, take a few moments to explain a few things here. You can probably guess what is about to happen next, and this more likely than not doesn’t apply to you. To be clear, if you understood I wasn’t calling everyone in Somerville an idiot last week (or above), then you are normal, so enjoy.


Without sounding like someone who feels the need to explain himself in detail in this medium/forum, all I will say about this past week is that I’ve been through this before, but on a much larger/broader scale. Anyone who takes some time to Google interactions between me and Ken Brociner back in the day can attest to that. For future reference (those in and out of the aforementioned category of people) – no matter what you do, no matter who you know, no matter what happens, I will continue banging on the gong in this newspaper about how I feel about personal, local and national issues, about people (hopefully not you) directly and more often indirectly, about the city I was born and raised in (and still own a business there) and pretty much anything I want to. In other words, I’m not getting “fired” anytime soon – it’s an opinion column in a privately owned newspaper, dummy.


I refuse to acknowledge anyone who tries to tell me I don’t have the right anymore to comment about anything going on in Somerville when I only live 7 miles away and spent the first 45 years of my life residing there – like it or not, I will always be true Villen. My suggestion is that if you want to expend energy trying to figuratively fight someone – then start your own newspaper, be an advocate for something worth while, join a community group – better yet – put your name on a ballot and run for office. You might not make it, or you might not get reelected, but at least you will have made an effort.


All that being said, I am a registered Democrat and I support Donald Trump for President even though it is super early. It’s my opinion and although this newspaper also supports Trump, this is my opinion, period. When I speak for this newspaper, you will see my name on the byline but until then it’s my opinion. You don’t to get to rebut it. You don’t need to call the Mayor and demand I be fired, because that’s insane. It won’t even work if you call the gentleman who owns this newspaper. And just to recap a little and wrap this silliness up, let me be clear – I support Donald Trump and I am not in any way, shape or manner, a racist, a bigot, a moron or in favor of anything that might intentionally damage people in general.


Hey, don’t like me because I speak my mind? Too bad. Do you honestly think I am just one person on an island somewhere and there aren’t others who agree with me? Don’t be naive. Don’t be ignorant.


So there you have it. I’m only going to keep talking about Trump the more people want to single me out about him and be as closed minded as they think he is. I have plenty more to say about a whole list of things in my life – my family, the economy, emerging trends, political issues – and more specifically – issues that directly affect the readers of this newspaper and other related publications. Villens speak their minds – and that’s exactly what I intend on doing, for a long, long time. Just like there will always be people who don’t understand basic concepts and want to believe that I just insulted the entire population of Somerville. Potato, potatoe. #GMK

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