Reality Bites by James A. Norton

When you have been pushed into a corner, don’t point the finger at anyone but yourself.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are faced with issues, whether they be personal or professional, that push them that last final step into adulthood. Those milestones can range, for example, from becoming a parent, earning a big promotion, starting your own business or just about anything that makes you stop dead in your tracks and take stock in where you’ve been and more importantly, where you’re going. I used positive examples there, but surely there are just as many negative examples that don’t need illustration here.

Then there are those people, you know who they are – who walk around in complete denial, almost living a delusional existence. They tell you lovely things in person and online, but privately they do horrific things and just keep on pushing their luck. Sadly, those people end up emotionally and psychologically hurt more often than not. The self-inflicted emotional damage is almost unbelievable – but yet – they continue to blame others. Chicken Little mentality – Level Expert.

It’s kind of like being accused of plotting to overthrow the government when you’re young and stupid and don’t know how big your mouth is, when in reality you were just exercising your right to complain about the system – and then your life leads you down a path where you start to compile files on people just in case you need to use something against them later on. Very J. Edgar-ish.

And completely hypothetical, of course. Who would do something so insane?

There’s plenty of stuff out there about how crazy people become as they get older. I find myself mellowing out more as I get older. Maybe it’s my happy life – full of fun and love and grand-babies on the way – maybe it’s just me not giving a crap about dramalicious people. Who knows, I guess that’s for me to figure out, if I’m so inclined. Not on Facebook, not in this newspaper, not in a podcast – but inside myself – and I’m okay with that.

Yeah, I write about different things that have happened in my past and what makes me the person I am today, but you don’t know anything about me, really. You get a glimpse, and that’s more than enough for me. I enjoy the people I meet everyday in both my business and private life. I work hard, but I now relax with equal fervency. As I send this to the paper, my beautiful wife and I are taking off for a few days to celebrate her birthday – so do yourselves a favor and take time to celebrate life and love before it’s too late. Before you push yourself into a corner and have nobody to blame by yourself. #GMK

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