Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Assault on a Police Officer/B&E/Resisting Arrest



On Tuesday May 12th, 2015, I, Officer Devin Schneider, was in full uniform assigned to route East-4 in marked cruiser 874 during the day shift. The following report is a summary of the events that I witnessed that day, as they pertain to incident #15021629:

At approximately 9:15 am, I was dispatched to 17 Dartmouth Street for a report that a male had kicked in the front door to a daycare and was trying to take a child. I arrived a short time later, along with the following officers: Sergeant Sal Fusco (S-9), Officer Henry Diaz (East-1), Officer Jason Costa (East-3), and Officer Yvonne Jean-Jacques (West-5). Upon arriving, a female standing on the sidewalk informed Officers that a “Brazilian” male had just entered through the front door of 17 Dartmouth Street. The front door of 17 Dartmouth Street was locked, and there was no answer at the door, however, the sounds of screaming and struggling could be heard coming from inside. With authorization from Sergeant Fusco, Officer Jean-Jacques breached the front door to the residence by kicking it twice.

Officers made their way to the second story, and standing at the top of the stairs was a Hispanic male with a frantic look, later identified as Sandro Corbelli. Corbelli was holding a one year old female child, later identified as xxxxxxx, who was visibly upset and crying. A female, later identified as xxxxxxxx, was standing on the second story landing and was also visibly upset and crying. Santos began screaming that the male was trying to steal the child. Officers ordered Corbelli to release the child, and he refused to comply. Corbelli had both of his arms around xxxxxx in a bear hug. Officer Jean-Jacques, Sergeant Fusco and I grabbed Corbelli and xxxxxxx in an attempt to extricate the child from Corbelli’s grasp in the narrow stairwell. Corbelli began squeezing xxxxxx so hard it appeared she was having a hard time breathing. After struggling with Corbelli for approximately one minute, we were able to secure the child from him and tackle him onto the second story landing. With more room to maneuver, Officer Diaz and Officer Costa joined the struggle to subdue Corbelli. A daycare worker took custody of xxxxxx and brought her into another room with the rest of the daycare children.

Officers continued to struggle with Corbelli, who refused to comply with Officers orders to cease resisting. During the struggle on top of the stairs, Corbelli managed to strike me at least once in the right side. At one point while trying to restrain Corbelli, I felt a tugging sensation coming from my gun belt. I looked down and saw Corbelli’s hand clasped around the grip portion of my department issued baton as he was trying to pull my baton free. I struck Corbelli twice in the abdominal area with my fist to get him to release his grip. I bore down with all my all my weight, approximately 225 pounds, with my hands and knees on top of Corbelli’s right arm, however, he was still able to move his arm. Officer Diaz sprayed Corbelli in the face with a one second burst from his department issue Oleoresin Capsicum spray. After approximately five minutes of struggling with Corbelli, Officers were able to handcuff him with his hands in front of his body, due to being unable to overcome his considerable strength and handcuff him with his hands behind his back.

The prisoner transport unit (Unit-200) arrived on scene operated by Officer Paul Anderson, along with Officer Tony Manzelli (East-2). Officer Anderson placed Corbelli in leg shackles. Corbelli appeared to have become docile and we began to escort him down the narrow stairway. Halfway down the stairway I felt Corbelli shift his weight in what felt like an attempt to push Officers down the stairs. I began striking Corbelli’s right thigh with my fist several time in an attempt to subdue him. Corbelli shifted his position again and Officer Costa announced that Corbelli had grabbed Officer Costa’s pistol. Corbelli had changed his body position so that the only available target I could reach was the right side of his face. I struck Corbelli in the right side of the head three times with my closed fist. Officers continued to struggle with Corbelli down the narrow stairway until we reached the first floor porch and were able to take him to the ground. Officer Diaz sprayed Corbelli with another one second burst from his department issued Oleoresin Capsicum. At this point Corbelli ceased struggling with Officers and we were able to carry him outside.

After a few minutes Officers were able to help Corbelli onto his feet and escort him to the prisoner transport unit. Cataldo paramedics briefly examined Corbelli for injuries before he was transported to the Somerville Police Station by Officer Anderson. At the police station, Corbelli was booked in the usual manner by the shift commander, Sergeant Michael Kennelly.

The following is a summary of xxxxxxxx statements gathered after the event, as translated to me from Portuguese by Officer Brian Pavao:

xxxx runs a daycare from her home with her daughter xxxxxx at 17 Dartmouth Street apartment 2. Today there were ten children in her daycare. Just prior to contacting the police, Santos heard a loud banging coming from her front door. She went downstairs to answer the door. As she began to open the door, it opened violently, striking her in the face as though someone had kicked it in. The strike from the door caused Santos to fall to the ground. A male came into the apartment (Corbelli) and said: all I want is money so I can get a ticket back to Brazil. Santos then told him she would give him money, she just didn’t want him to take any of the kids. The male then went upstairs and she contacted the police.
Santos had some red swelling on the right side of her face which I photographed and will be attaching to this report. Officer Pavao transcribed written statement for Santos as she was unable to. Santos refused medical attention.

The following is a summary of xxxxxxx statements gathered after the event, as translated to me from Portuguese by Officer Jason Costa:
xxxxxx heard a loud knocking coming from the front door and her mother, xxxxx, went down to investigate. A short time later Corbelli came up the stairs and kicked open the wooden child safety gate at the top of the stairway.
Corbelli stated: “calm down, I’m a terrorist. I just want a child.”
Santana replied: “Are you crazy? Just get out of here.”
Corbelli stated: “No. I’m not leaving. I need a child so I can leave.”
Santana states that Corbelli then pushed her out of the way and grabbed two children,.
Officer Costa took a photograph of the broken child safety gate which will be attached to this report. xxxxxx wrote a witness statement in her native language of Portuguese. Santana refused medical attention.

I spoke with Jackson Anderson who partially witnessed the event. He stated that he was on his way to school when a frantic female came running out of 17 Dartmouth Street. The female asked him to contact police because a male was inside trying to steal a child.

I will be seeking the following charges against Corbelli under Massachusetts General Law:
– Ch. 265 / S. 13A: Assault and Battery
– Ch. 265 / S. 13D: Assault and Battery Against a Police Officer
– Ch. 265 / S. 15A: Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon
– Ch. 265 / S. 26: Kidnapping
– Ch. 266 / S. 17: Breaking and Entering During Daytime, Person in Fear
– Ch. 268 / S. 32B: Resisting Arrest

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Devin Schneider
Badge #295
Somerville Police

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