Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Warrant Arrest



On April 18, 2015 at approximately 1638 I was in full uniform and assigned to the Somerville Police Traffic Bureau. I was conducting speed enforcement on Mystic Avenue, a public way within the City of Somerville and a posted 35 MPH Zone (that section). I observed a 2014 Mercedes CLA250 color grey, Ma. 153VD2, traveling east on Mystic Ave at an estimated 45 MPH so I directed my lidar unit at the vehicle and got a reading of 45 MPH in a posted 35 MPH zone. The MV was overtaking others and when it passed me I activated blue lights and siren stopping the vehicle at Mystic Ave at Butler Drive. This section of Mystic ave is now a 25 MPH zone, which the vehicle showed no signs of slowing as it approached.
I approached the operator, the defendant in this matter, and requested his license and registration. The defendant stated he did not have either document so I obtained his information and ran it through my onboard CJIS computer. The defendants license status came back Suspended and showed an active warrant for his arrest. I issued citation # R6069966 to the defendant and arrested him on the Warrant ordered by the Court. The vehicle was towed by pats tow and the passenger left in a Taxi cab.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ofc Robert W Hickey

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