Friends and Family of Deanna Cremin:We Need You Now


On Monday Deanna’s murder will have gone unsolved for 20 years. We humbly request that you please disseminate the attached flyer through any channel available to you.
Email, Facebook, Twitter, website etc. We are desperate. It’s been 20 years and we now starting to fear that Deanna’s murder will never be solved. All we have is the hope that this flyer will reach the right eyes and give someone the push that they need to come forward. We also want to share something else with you. The other two attached images are of a worksheet from an adult living class that Deanna completed on the 29th of March the last day she was seen alive. These documents are a peek into the kind of person Deanna was. She was very special. Please consider helping us get this out there. Let’s get resolution once and for all.


Friends and Family of Deanna Cremin



5 thoughts on “Friends and Family of Deanna Cremin:We Need You Now”

  1. Sorry its not solved. My brothers murder will be 10 years this year. Mom has a hard winter because nothing is happening on his case. I hope some one tells what they know so your case can be closed.

  2. Her mom was top of the list in her 3 great influences. I see why, when it comes to her babies she never gives up. To the murderer of her daughter, you will be brought to justice !!!!

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