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Happy Birthday to the many Villens out there in the Ville this week celebrating their birthdays! Happy Birthday to David Zammitti, Ray Baldasaro, Ann Ferraro, Silvia De La Sota, Matthew DiDomenico, Erin Judge, Linda Levesque McNeill, Maria Nella Nunes, Michael Kennelly

, Wanda Keenan, Don Miele, Patricia Roffi Lima, Kristen Cabral, Happy 52nd birthday to the Cabral twins SPD Captain Michael Cabral and his twin brother BU Police Officer Richard Cabral, Mike Bussey, Joey DePonte, Anthony Leccese, Matthew DiDomenico, Andrew Porter, Ann Marie Trifone, Laurene Falter, Eddie Hardy, Mary Williams Killoren, Anne Zirpolo Campbell, Manny (Zammuto) Texieria who is turing three years old, Happy 2nd Birthday to Luca Capobianco, Dennis Sinclair, Happy 6th Birthday to Ariana Farrington and Happy Birthday to Lula Girginis!

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