When will the curtains close on the Patrick farce?

By Neil W. McCabe

When I saw that Gov. Deval Patrick was on “Meet the Press,” it was a surprise.

Afterall, Patrick was never a real governor or even a real candidate.

Of all the cons pulled on the people of Massachusetts, few were as bold as scheme to make Deval Patrick the governor of the commonwealth. Bay State liberals sprung him on the Democratic Party as their revenge for the party rejecting Robert Reich.

For liberals the best part of the deal was that Patrick came fully assembled with batteries included, because David Axelrod, the political consultant from his hometown of Chicago, had already worked it all out.

Axelrod had it all ready-to-go: Hope, hope and hope.

If anyone challenged Patrick for being a little light on the substance part, he would reply: “What? You are against hope?”

What I did not appreciate at the time was that in 2006 Axelrod was using Patrick as the field test for the 2008 White House run for President Barack Obama.

Certainly, W. Mitt Romney did not recognize that in 2010, Team Obama came to Massachusetts to field test how to reelect a weak and overwhelmed Patrick as a rehearsal of concept for Obama’s 2012 campaign.

Of course, part of the blame for Patrick goes to Romney.

Romney did nothing to build the Republican Party and when it came time to line up a successor, he pretended that he was running for another term. That deke froze rivals to his lieutenant governor Kerry M. Healy. Healy, the pro-abortion wife of one of Romney’s pals, was not ready for prime-time.

As the governor, Patrick did his best to stay out of the way as the Democrats and all their friends kept the money flowing. It was as if he only function was to be elected and then hang out.

When the proto-Biden, Timothy P. Murray, was pushed out the door as lieutenant governor, my guess was that Patrick got the call to come south to Washington to replace Attorney General Eric. H. Holder Jr.

The call never came. In all those close calls, Holder was saved by Iranian-born White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, the president’s most trusted courtier.

Sadly, when Holder decided to hang up the spikes, he chose his own replacement Loretta Lynch, the federal prosecutor, who leads the U.S. Attorney’s Office forLong Island, including Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Lynch is beloved by Washington Democrats as the woman going after Staten Island’s GOP congressman, Rep. Michael Grimm.

And yet, Patrick appears on “Meet the Press.” What gives?

Well, never one to question a script, the governor had two points to make.

First, Obama is a great man and a great president and if you do not see it, then the president has done a bad job communicating with you. Obama is no good a theatrics, so you have to wake up.

Second, former first lady Hillary R. Clinton is not the choice of the White House.

Boom goes the dynamite.

Patrick does not freelance or wander off the reservation. Every word he spoke on MTP was written out for him and approved by the White House. Seems the governor may be coming to Washington afterall—probably given a no-show job that allows him to perform his actual function as a surrogate for the president.

As the adminstration winds down, Patrick may end up on the cabinet as stooge they need to sign off on whatever new regulations the adminstration is looking to dump on Americans on their way out the door.

In any case, when Obama leaves us Jan. 20, 2017, Patrick’s public career will be over—now, that is really the power of Hope.

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