Somerville Police E911 Rehab Complete Into The Future


Somerville Deputy Police Chief Steve Carrabino at the controls.

By William Tauro

The Somerville Police Department’s Emergency 911 room got a total rehab this past month.

Replacing the old outdated Somerville Emergency-911 center’s equipment with state of the art Emergency-911 Center modern technology that was made possible with a grant and with the assistance of our local, regional and state partners, Mayor Joseph Curtatone, Somerville Police Chief Dave Fallon, DPW Commissioner Stan Koty and the City of Somerville.

The police department was temporarily using an Urban Area Security Initiative Command Center on wheels, (U.A.S.I.) Command Center and it was stationed out in front of the Somerville Police Department for the past 3-4 weeks while the police station’s Emergency 911 Operation Center got a total rehab and refitted into the 21st century with new technology and modern equipment needed to fight crime in this modern day and age.

The loaner vehicle is owned by the Massachusetts State 911 Department that falls under the Executive Office of Public Safety & Security.
The UASI program focuses on enhancing regional preparedness in major metropolitan areas, and directly supports the national priority of expanding regional collaboration in the National Preparedness Guidelines.

Using this funding, the MBHSR outlines regional homeland security goals, objectives, tasks and projects for member communities. By providing financial assistance to address the unique multidisciplinary planning, organization, equipment, training and exercise needs of high-threat, high-density Urban Areas, the UASI program assists them in building capabilities to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from threats or acts of terrorism.


Temporary Command Center on wheels

Below are the before rehab photos







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