Somerville 2014 Edith Chaille Senior Transportation Foundation Event


By William Tauro

This year’s Edith Chaille Senior Transportation Foundation Event took place at the Somerville Holiday Inn on Washington Street in Somerville this past Monday night.

The well attended event of invited guests which included elected officials, friends, relatives and most of all, our Somerville seniors enjoyed a fun filled evening of dining, dancing and music.

There were dozens of raffle prizes and door prizes that were being giving away that evening to the lucky winners.

The Chaille Family, who have owned and operated Green and Yellow Cab of Somerville for over 35 years host the event to help raise funds for the seniors in our city of Somerville.

Too many seniors fall through the cracks and are unable to get transportation for their daily needs, whether it is for medical appointments or just to get to the grocery store.

The event is in memory of the Chaille Family’s beloved Mother and Grandmother.

The Chaille Family started the Edith Chaille Memorial Transportation Fund and have pledged that their family will donate $5,000 dollars a year toward this fund.

Unfortunately, this was not enough for the Chaille Family, The needs are great and the resources are few.

In past years with the monies raised, the Chaille Family were able to grant over thousands of rides to seniors who needed transportation absolutely free of charge.

Through this fund many seniors were able to go physical rehab, fill their refrigerators, visit sick spouses at the hospital and unfortunately attend their loved ones funerals.







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