Baker’s Bay State win part of GOP’s war on conservatives

by Neil W. McCabe

One of the quirks of history occurred in the the late summer of 1945, when Hitler and Eisenhower issued the exact same order: “Stop Patton!”

Of course, Hitler was desperate to protect his Fortress Europa from Patton’s raging Third Army. While, Eisenhower was acting on instructions from President Franklin D. Roosevelt,
who was looking to lessen causalities in an increasingly unpopular war in the ramp up to the presidential election.

Such was the situation in the midterm elections of 2014 that both the Republican leadership and the Democratic Party had the same goal: “Stop the conservatives!”

In Massachusetts, this played out nicely since the Republican candidate for governor is a pro-abortion, anti-gun hack from the old school.

Incoming governor Charles D. “Charlie”Baker Jr., can be relied on to keep the cash flowing to all the right people and use whatever influence he has to block conservative legislation.

Fake conservative New Jersey Gov. Christopher J. Christie led the GOP’s campaign to elect governors this year at the head of the Republican Governors Association was thrilled to help Baker. Baker is neither conservative nor a threat to contest the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. This made Baker a great, um, investment.

In New York, Westchester County Commissioner Robert P. Astorino strode into Election Day with less than 75 percent name recognition, and yet he took 41 percent of the vote. Astorino, a prolife, pro gun rights conservative, who founded SiriusXM Radio’s Catholic Channel, got no help from Christie and a replay of his 2012 play date on the beach with President Barack Obama, the New Jersey governor appeared at press conferences with New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo making nice-nice days before the vote.

Christie also abandoned Wisconsin Gov. Scott K. Walker to the wolves.

Walker, whose state borders Iowa, is a conservative as Astorino and even worse is thinking of running for president.

A man like Walker took out his state’s special interests and worked to free its taxpayers from the feudal rights and privileges its public unions burdened with. Unlike other governors, Walker governed as he campaigned and when the Left came after him, Christie took a walk—but, not a long or quick walk.

National and state polls showed that liberals had a real shot at taking down Walker. Instead of a traditional liberal, they put up Mary Burke, whose family owns the Trek Bicycle company. Burke was stuck to her script and played the reasonable alternative to the extreme Walker, all the while taking in millions from the unions looking to tap the taxpayers keg again.

In a stunning development, Burke and Christie’s unholy alliance was foiled by Obama himself.

A bizarre man, although he has several step-siblings, he acts like the classic spoiled only-child. Democratic strategists had successfully treated each governor and Senate race as its own silo. This dovetailed with the Republican strategy of not nationalizing the election, so as to avoid conservative issues and programs. But, then along came Obama.

In the last days of the campaign, the president campaigned for Burke and this was to put Walker over-the-top by six points.

Obama’s reverse Midas touch had the same effect on the Senate campaign, when he told voters to ignore the silos his operatives had built up and consider the election a referendum on his policies. #ouch

In a case of electoral arson, Obama went so far as to tell Georgians that if they elected Democrat Michelle M. Nunn to the Senate is would mean the Democrats would keep the Senate. That threat was enough to take Nunn’s tie with Republican David Perdue and turn it into a rout for the GOP.

Maybe in Massachusetts, Obama would have helped Democratic Martha Mary Coakley against Baker. But, then what would be the point? There is no difference between them and Baker will come in useful for Democrats in 2016 when he railed against conservatives, boycotts the GOP National Convention and endorses whomever the Democrats run for president. #logit

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