USA Bronze Olympian Medal Winner With Somerville Roots

By William Tauro

USA Bronze Olympian Medal Winner Steve Langton didn’t forget his roots here in the Somerville with a surprise visit with his dad Steve Langton co-owner of Russell Disposal.

Brakeman, Steve Langton and pilot Steven Holcolm won the bronze medal in the 2 man bobsled in Sochi.

Alexander Zubkov of Russia won the gold and Beat Hefti of Switzerland piloted the silver medal sled.

Holcolm and Langton finished three hundredths of a second ahead of the Russia 2 sled to secure the Olympic Bronze Medal.

Photo above: Steve Langton and the crew of Russell Disposal in Somerville

Photo: Charles Carneglia, Steve Langton, Keven Douglas and Steve Langton Sr (Steve’s dad)

Photo: Steve Langton and Billy Tauro, Somerville News Weekly/ Boston News Group Publisher


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