Somerville All Stars Results of the MIAA Division @ Relays. Held Saturday Jan 11, 2014 at the Reggie Lewis Center.


Photo:Somerville High School Sophomore Olivia Doh singing the National Anthem at the begining of the Division 2 MIAA Relays.

By Charles Orourke

We had three relays that all placed 7th. top 8 score. We finished 15th in Division 2 with 6 points.

“I am pleasantly surprised at the improvement that we have with this very young group. Having 3 Relay Teams score was an indication that our girls are working hard to get better.”

4x50yd Dash- 7th place-26.44- Alison Kaba, Samantha Simon, Melissa Sanon,Saragrace Magre.
4x200m relay-7th-1:55.51- Samantha Simon, Kaylee Lima, Melissa Sanon,Saragrace Magre.
Shot Put Relay-7th-80′ 2″- Alison Kaba, Lissa Sanon, Iesha Guerrier.

Non-scoring relays;
4×50 Dash B Team-28.35- Andrea Alarcon,Kaylee Lima, Jennifer Jeune, Valencia Augustin.
4×200 Relay B Team-2:06.64-Leighann Ngyuyen, Jennifer Bermudez, Andrea Alarcon, Valencia Augustin.
4x800m Relay-11;08- Catherine Nakato, laxmi Spearing, Alice Egar, Amber Theobald.

4×400- A- Team-4:35.56- Catherine Nakato, Laxmi Spearing, Leighann Nguyen, Amber Theobald.
4×400- B- Team- 5:06- Alice Egar, Jennifer Jeune, Olivia Doh, Jennifer Bermudez.

Next Saturday we travel to Providence to compete in the East Coast Invitational.

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