With all our brain power combined we can tackle even the toughest of problems

This past Thursday evening at City Hall, the city hosted our first ever Brain Mob. What’s a Brain Mob? It’s a brainstorming session focused on issues where the community can make a real difference. Since winter is
coming, we thought the first issue to tackle could be snow shoveling.

Each winter there are lots of good citizens who want to volunteer to help shovel out their neighbors, but for a variety of reasons the city can’t always match them up with people who need the help. But, maybe there’s a community solution that your brain power can generate.

To get as many ideas as possible, we’ve also set up several ways for people to get involved:

Come to City Hall, 93 Highland Ave., at 6:30 p.m. Check at the front desk for the meeting location.

Skype into the meeting. Our Skype name is SomervilleCity

Call into the meeting and participate via speaker phone: To do this, please contact mackerman@somervillema.gov for details.

Post comments here. We’ll make sure you ideas make it into the discussion.

For more on Brain Mobs and the challenges around snow shoveling: http://bit.ly/JaUgz8

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