There’s A Karen In Every Crowd

By William Tauro

So now I’m a bad guy because people take selfies with people. I take selfies with everyone and everyone knows that and I have been for doing so for some time.

On this particular day that this “Karen” squawks about in this post, a very pleasant Hispanic family of four kindly asked me to take a selfie with them at the election polling location at Ward 7:1, and I absolutely gladly accepted their request. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the look on this “Karen’s” face and I just laughed it off. Then I walked over to see the two police officers that were on detail there after taking the photo and I asked them “did she just call you guys about me” and they said yes. I laughed that off as well. Some people just need to get over it and get a life. PS:Maybe she was mad because I didn’t take a selfie with her? So please don’t be afraid to take a selfie with me because of “Karen”!

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