Business Unfriendly Factors In Somerville Strikes Again At Buddy’s Diner 1953-2023

By William Tauro

It’s sad to see this, but true, and we’re all part of the problem for letting it happen! Let’s wake up Somerville and see what’s happening to our city

Buddy’s Diner located at 113 Washington Street in Somerville once ran a thriving food business for decades. It was built in 1930 and is on the Somerville historical register. But now in 2023 it has finally closed it’s doors due to multiple factors but basically it never recovered from over the past two and a half years of the reconstruction of the new Washington Street project that closed access to the restaurant for over two years.

If our elected officials were a little more thoughtful and compassionate about the price that small business owners have to pay for all the unthought out road closures, removal of parking spaces and detours, Somerville would be a much better place, but unfortunately it’s not.

Buddy’s Diner

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