That’s One Way of Getting It Done and Catching Our Elected Official’s Attention I Guess?

By William Tauro

Residents are frustrated with the lack of maintenance being performed around our city and especially on islands and around trees with weeds and shrubbery that’s growing out of control! But look what people are doing now by taking the bull by the horns, pulling the weeds themselves, and tossing it into the curb for the city to clean up.

Where I can see their frustration about the city leaders not doing their jobs properly, but people let’s use common sense here and not just toss it in the street, just dispose of it properly in a trash bin.

On the other hand, maybe our city leaders will get the hint and step up to the plate and do their jobs that they were elected to do and are certainly getting paid to do, but still throwing it in the trash bin is more smarter!

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