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I’m sure most of you remember the tragedy that occurred last March when state trooper Tamar A Bucci was killed assisting a disabled motorist. I personally know her dad, Anthony J Bucci and he is doing something amazing for his daughter. Anthony started a company called Convicted Inc. specializing in Interior/ Exterior Painting and Masonry Pavers.

Anthony’s worst fear is having his daughters death be forgotten so he plans on building a park in Tamar’s honor. To raise the money to build this park he is donating 10% from every job he does in the homeowners name into the park and put the homeowner’s name on display in the foundations go fund me page that he started for his daughter. The website is the Tamar Bucci and anyone that hires Anthony will be mentioned on the website also. Anthony is also going lay a memorial brick at the park in the homeowners name with whatever they want written on it. Anthony named his company Convicted Inc because he is convicted in making this happen for his beautiful daughter to honor her legacy. If you need painting done, or any masonry work Anthony has 40 years experience and would be honored to give you a free estimate. Anthony is fully insured so let’s rally behind him and support this worthy cause while getting top quality work. I have personally seen his work product and I can say he very talented and very meticulous. His number is 781-873-9535 so give him a call and be part of this epic project. I got chills in my spine just thinking about the love this man has for his daughter and I’m sad that a parent and good man like Anthony has to go through this tragic nightmare. Every parents worst nightmare but Anthony is determined to make something special from this tragic event. Let’s rally behind Anthony and help him make this happen.

1. CONVICTED INC will donate 10% in the home owners name into fallen state trooper Tamar A Bucci’s foundation with proceeds being used to build a park in her honor.

2. A brick in the homeowners name will also be placed in the park which is a $100 value.

3. Convicted Inc has been in the painting business for 40 years.

4. We also specialize in pavers.

5. Free estimates

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