Letter from the Editor: Looking for Miss Mary Knight!

Looking for Miss Mary Knight!

I received this message posted below from one of my readers who is trying to find relatives of a Miss Mary Knights wondering if anyone knows who she is? Anyone who could help me with this, please inbox me so we can return the book to the family.

Thank you,

“Hello William,
This may seem a little strange, but I have a book and was hoping to possibly get some help, locating its family. I live in Maine, and I’ve had this book since I was a teenager, so about 17 years now. I had boughten it at a local antique shop here because it was just so unique and I was fascinated by it. I had packed it away and after all these years I came across it in a box today and remembered the writing inside the book.
Mary Knights, 2nd year B., St. Joseph’s High School, Somerville, Mass.
So, here’s my journey to hopefully sending the book to relatives of the original owner of the book. I’m hoping that this could possibly be the right place to start ? I have no knowledge about the area, so I started with the newspaper lol If not, please let me know what would be best! Thank you in advance.”

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