Learn More about East Broadway Bus Service & Crosswalk Improvements at Mobility Pop-Up

In 2023, bus service and crosswalk improvements are coming to East Broadway between McGrath and Rush Street to reduce bus delay and improve safety and visibility for all people walking, wheeling, and driving around intersections.

Join us at a pop-up on Thursday, April 27 at Broadway & Franklin Street from 3 to 6 p.m. to ask questions and provide feedback. Learn more at:Somervillema.gov

4 thoughts on “Learn More about East Broadway Bus Service & Crosswalk Improvements at Mobility Pop-Up”

  1. Working on it. Hard to move fast with so much to do and not being very mobile at my age. Downsizing as we speak.

  2. Citizens of east Somerville we are under attack by the woke mob. Be prepared for less parking, more delays in traffic, more hobos and tramps sleeping on the park benches, More plastic cones and poles. We have more rats than people and they’re attacking us. Our local business will be destroyed. More to come.

    1. It is an extension of the screwup on the other part of Broadway that has made lives miserable there for local businesses and the seniors and the handicapped and increasing accidents for nothing. Besides cutting the amount of bus stops to say the bus is faster now while making it harder for the mobility impaired to get to the bus stop. Truly a disaster and complaining falls on deaf ears as we have no representation in city hall.

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